Pan Qian, Li Xiang & Jun Ran of Leading Orchestra Group will perform in UFL China Grand Opening and also work on UFL Official Song in Chinese.

Racine Symphony Orchestra, Mainland China Pop Music Group, founded in 2013 by members of different generations, 60, 70, 80, 90 seamless, age difference created a variety of music styles.
Members of the original military art troupe, can play all kinds of music lead singer Pan Qian, unique voice, let your imagination unlimited extension, Works signed by a number of record companies of original musicians, guitarists Lao Tao, typhoon bold “African drum shadow player” drummer Li Xiang, Music Director Jun Ran, breakthrough your music taste buds. Luxurious lin-up, together with you, create a music world under the stars, let you feel in the wonderful rhythm of the heart of the ups and downs.

The band’s music covers folk, rock, jazz, and other genres. After the establishment of the orchestra, it created “Autumn Leaves”, “Angle’s Eyes” and “Palm’s emotional line”, Lonely Romeo”, “Where the mountain song comes”, and a series of excellent original works. In addition to making efforts to create their own original works, the band also strives to sing many classical songs in China, to the majority of music lovers to produce and share some excellent music works, so that those good works gathered by time can be recognized and appreciated by the younger generation.

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