On April 14, 2021, Shenzhen Ali Mixed Martial Arts Culture Communication Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the Global Fighting Alliance international competition and China’s strategic partners in Shenzhen. This event has received extensive support and attention from all walks of life!

The organizer of this event: Shenzhen Ali Mixed Martial Arts Communication Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive company specializing in physical training, free combat training, boxing training, Muay Thai training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, karate training, Taekwondo training, coach training, referee training, certification promotion, domestic boxing and international boxing. .

The organizer of this event: Mr. Ali, from Pakistan. Practicing martial arts since childhood. Love Chinese culture very much! Advocating martial arts! Combine martial arts with physical fitness, free fighting, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Taekwondo. Through more than 10 years of market and social inspections, this has been confirmed.

Mr. Ali was once a champion in international boxing and later became a coach. He attaches great importance to youth physical education, growth education and martial arts education! The requirements for his young students are extremely strict. Ali has a unique insight in this regard! To practice martial arts first cultivate virtue, martial arts to establish virtue, martial arts to virtue first, the bully is stupid, and he who has no virtue breaks it. He told the young students to practice martial arts not to bully others, but to better protect themselves and their families…

Teacher Ali pays attention to the learning process of the students, and does not demand to win the championship and the gold medal. He often warned his students that as long as they try their best, they are good! Honor is important! But not the most important thing, the most important thing is to take every step of life well!

People often say to him: Ali will be very tired if he does this! You may not get everyone’s approval for doing so! Someone also asked him: Ali may not make money by operating the company like this! In addition, it’s extra hard work! What are you doing this for? Ali replied: It’s for the sake of my daughter! Also good for society! I hope China is better! The world of Sino-Pakistani friendship is known. Mr. Ali is well aware of his energy and abilities. If one’s efforts are made by one person, don’t say to make the country good and the society good! It’s hard to make a certain street good! Because I have a firm belief! So I decided to form a Chinese and foreign team for bold practice! Mr. Ali’s first step was to unite some people and companies who yearn for a better life in Shenzhen to form a Sino-foreign joint team. The second step is to introduce the Global Fight League international competition brand to learn the comprehensive advanced experience of American sports training and competitions! And apply the experience of the Cultural Exchange in China, so that China’s martial arts and martial arts can be carried forward! Enable Chinese athletes to show their style on the international stage and gain honors and benefits! The third step is to let the world understand China’s five thousand years of civilization!

The organizers of this strategic cooperation signing ceremony: Shenzhen Ali Mixed Fighting Culture Communication Co., Ltd., together with Shenzhen Univision Visual Communication Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hongdeyu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Chenxu Culture Media (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Brand Research Institute, Guangdong Shandong Chamber of Commerce Xinlushang (Shenzhen) Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Sanqin Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. work side by side and hand in hand towards the greatness of the Chinese nation The revitalized Broad Avenue.

Ali’s message: Etiquette education, can not be ignored: before learning arts, first learn rituals, before learning martial arts, first learn morals. I hope to train more Chinese athletes, Chinese youth athletes, and Chinese international referees to shine on the international stage in my lifetime! Willing to contribute to the strength of Chinese athletes! Tell the world about China’s five thousand years of civilization! Let the world understand China’s military ethics and ethics! Be the innovator of China-Pakistan friendship!

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