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Join the $87 billion fitness industry and become a part of the UFL GYM franchise community

Fee $10,000


The UFL GYM brand requires passionate, committed, enthusiastic franchise partners.



  • Be your own boss and fulfill your franchising dreams with the best in Fitness – UFL GYM. With global brand recognition, multiple revenue streams and three distinct options to select from, you will soon ask yourself, why not?
  • Global Recognition: UFL is a premium global sports brand boasting more than a million fans worldwide. With live events that sell out and global broadcasting, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. With powerhouse brand, UFL there is exceptional growth opportunity for UFL GYM franchises.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: With each model we offer the opportunity to drive revenue from multiple sources. From membership to retail, private coaching to supplements we will help you discover and delve into options to secure additional funds year after year.
  • Broad Appeal: UFL GYM offers a full range of group conditioning and technique focused classes, functional training, personal training, traditional martial arts coaching plus fitness, youth and family classes – all in a supportive and motivating environment.
  • Business Model for Every Investor: Select one of our three franchising models to best fit your budget and business goals from boutique studio to premium fitness facility, we will work with you on finding your best fit.

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